Post surgery and in serious need of a lift, a distraction, a little get away, Noirin and I took the opportunity to visit an old friend his wife and little girl in Vienna. We were very lucky to have the use of the centrally located apartment of their friend who was currently away. Having done a bit of research before we left, always on the lookout for possible alternative treatments and hope I guess, I also made an appointment for The Kroiss Cancer Centre for…Continue Reading “Oh Vienna…………”

  I decided when I  was diagnosed that I wanted to travel as much as I could for as long as I could. For me It’s one of the great joys in life, I also decided I didn’t want to return to the same place twice. I’m not a rich woman by any means so I usually try and get the best deals I can traveling off peak. I use the search engine Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights to anywhere over a certain period…Continue Reading “Gorgeous Porto”

Tarragona city rocks. As you can imagine waiting for scan results can be very stressful. I usually try and distract myself as much as possible. So this time my sister and I took off to gorgeous Tarragona city, Spain. Unfortunately my legs got really badly sunburnt, lesson learned regarding sun and meds. I also had pains in my head which scared the bejasus out of me. I finally realised like a complete numpty that my sunglasses where too tight! Tarragona is about an hour south…Continue Reading “Tarragona City”