Before my diagnosis already suspecting the worst, I had confided in a close friend that I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough for me to fight for. I was jobless, almost homeless, partnerless, childless and now potentially breastless. I had floated through life and never really fought for anything. Anything I achieved seemed to be by accident, I was so focused on myself and what I didn’t have, I had little to give anyone else. It seems the most remarkable thing to happen in my…Continue Reading “Second chance.”

When I was first diagnosed with cancer on the advice of my¬† counselor, I created two imaginary boxes ( you can use real ones if you like). One for all the things I could no longer¬† have thanks to cancer, and one for the things I still could. In the first box I put my baby, my business, my long haul flights ( clot risks?), my year in the jungle (never a realistic option anyway, the bloody moises would have eaten me alive), living abroad…Continue Reading “Not too shabby”