I am not a doctor, a nurse or a nutritionist, I am a researcher and a stubborn control freak who questions everything, doesn’t much like conventional cancer treatment and believes there has to be a better way. But as I have terminal cancer, right now I choose to use both conventional and alternative treatments, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness etc. etc anything that might prolong my life while maintaining it’s quality.¬† I also want to acknowledge that as a single woman I appreciate that I have more…Continue Reading “Disclaimer”

  When I was initially diagnosed and stage IV hadn’t yet been confirmed I was a woman on a mission, I was going¬† to beat this bastard. I had books coming out of my ears and I devoured them all, books about food and nutrition, alternative therapies, exercise, you name it I read it. But then I realised there was something missing, something I was craving that I hadn’t yet found in anything I read. What I actually needed was something to calm the chaos,…Continue Reading “Books”

  So from the research I did it would seem that an organic plant based diet would be my best option(yeah I know there’s an egg on the plate, I’m not quite there yet). Good job I’ve always loved my veggies. I got rid of my microwave, have stopped using anything from a tin and processed foods in general. I can take or leave meat, but I am a real bread fiend and love my cheese. My aim is to to eliminate wheat, meat,dairy and…Continue Reading “Making changes, plant based”